Friday, October 26, 2007

The eventual result of "Kiska"

Wow, way to wait a whole year for a new update :)

This is supposed to be a blog of course, but there is rarely time to update these things with decent posts, and not many people are looking at it anyway, but it's good to have a website.

So of course, having finished 3rd year of my college animation course, I finished, to a degree, "Kiska." And boy was I disappointed. Most of my problems were that I mired it in preproduction hell. I was in love with the setting and the idea of the one lone person against the tragic impossible, I also am fascinated by things in the ignored corners of history. Despite the central anecdote of the story being totally unproveable (I could find no evidence of a person who held out in the frozen cold for many days, but that in a way makes it more suited to a fiction retelling) I felt like this kind of thing happened a lot to real people. Tiny humans caught up in the flow of nations.

Anyway, I could never come up with a way to end it that satisfied me. The story defied structure. Also, I wanted to try new methods of animating, specifically I wanted to teach myself how to animate with Corel Painter. Unfortunately I couldnt devote the time, so there is very little real animation in it. Darn.

Anyway, I love the subject matter and concept enough that someday I will revisit it. When I am capable of doing it justice. Someday.

In the meantime, here are some still from the eventual film. Maybe I'll put it on Youtube and upload it here.