Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New Writing Blog!

In an effort to keep the focus of this particular blog on visual work, I have decided to clutter the internet further with another blog, this one devoted to written work.

I am adding a link to the new blog to the sidebar on the right of this page, and additionally you can find it by clicking on this link, which will also take you to its inaugural offering: a short story that's been cooking in my brain for a little while.

Look to the sky! It's digital work masquerading as brushwork on scrolls!

To accompany this story, and something which I think ought to be a habit of mine from now on, I decided to make companion illustrations as headings. Half of the story is set in China in 1006 A.D., so I decided to try my hand at an imitation period Chinese painting, even though I opted to imitate the Yuan Dynasty's style, which came about 200 years after this story is set (1006 A.D. would have been the Song Dynasty, but paintings of that period tend towards monumental complexity and I chickened out)

The Chinese text at the top-right corner is Ke Xing 客星 — literally "Guest Star" — a name given by Chinese astronomers of antiquity to temporary or unexpected events observed in the heavens, a phenomenon that factors into the story on the other blog. Hopefully I didn't utterly butcher the rendering of the text, or generate a pastiche image of culturally inept banality (I always hope that part, though.)